Introducing Jennie Kind

Hi, it’s me, Jennie Kind. I was thinking of sending an email of introduction to the parents at CTK, but then I thought, hey, why not share with everyone. It is one thing to say that I have a heart for kids and God’s word, which I do! But it is another thing to give you some of the foundational beliefs behind that passion.

First things first, I believe that children are precious and have value. I believe their value is not less-than or discounted or kid sized, but full-on, absolute and unmitigated in the kingdom of God. I also believe that children have an inherent ability to understand the things of God, that we all have an in-born theology, if you will. We are created to connect with our creator and kids are no exception.

I have learned a few things in my experience as a children’s ministry director. I have boiled down some of my findings with this dumb but effective analogy: a three-legged stool. Told you it was dumb. Here’s what I mean… the seat of my stool is Jesus, the legs hold up Jesus and he is the point of having a stool at all. The legs of my stool are: truth, relevance, and fun. If any one of the legs are missing or inadequate, conveying Jesus fails. The ultimate goal is helping to connect kids to the Living God and then help foster that relationship.

The truth of course is God’s word! Whether by story or theme or even basic navigation skills we must include the word of God. It is how we know His character, His rescue plan and His great love for us.

Relevance is what the gospel looks like in a walking around world. It is our response to the truth we learn in God’s word, what living for Jesus looks like in real life!

Okay, let’s talk about fun! I am all about fun! The Jennie definition of fun is anything a kid wants to do again. If the truth and relevance is packaged in an academic or boring manner kids will not want to “do that again.” I want kids coming back for more and more, so FUN it is!!

I am eager and hopeful for the new year, I always am, maybe particularly this year, can I get an AMEN?! I am excited to figure out what Kid’s Place in the time of Covid will look like and continue to meet more of you as the year unfolds. I am so grateful to God for bringing me to CTK, such a brilliant way to end 2020 and look forward to 2021.

 Jennie Kind

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