An Inheritance That Can Never Perish, Spoil, or Fade

There is no greater discovery then seeing God as the author of your destiny
Ravi Zacharias

You might know that I have been recovering from ankle surgery since the first week of January. I was encouraged, filled with hope, and grateful to God. My progress toward walking unsupported in my shoes again was right on schedule…until I walked. The first day was freedom indeed, yet  the second day I was unable to walk or stand because of the pain. I simply felt ambushed and struck down.

  My hope filled, grateful, and encouraged bubble was burst. I quickly became depressed, wondering why, and beginning to think this problem ankle was going to be a forever trial. Susan would have said I became “rather prickly.”

  Reading through I Peter 1 in response to our pastor Ben’s sermon last Sunday, the Holy Spirit got my heart attention back upon Christ and not my rear-end. The Holy Spirit reminded me of what I’ve learned, and have taught many times, that when I give my thoughts and responses over to presenting problems, it’s like inviting them to make themselves at home, and I quickly lose any Kingdom perspective. The lies and ways of thinking that the enemy has thrown against me, once again tend to rise and dominate my thoughts and heart.  

This is an honest expression of where I was two weeks ago.
Reading I Peter 1:1-7 repeatedly pulled me back to true North, while the Holy Spirit mercifully revealed my anger and frustration.. Here are a few of my observations…

1.Our joy, hope, and peace may be found in the midst of unexpected difficult circumstances. We must keep our hearts focused on Jesus and His promises. He is the way-able Savior who holds us fast (Ps. 139:17-12)

2. When we find ourselves scattered, unable to see clearly and powerless to change our circumstances, He is working. (see verses 1-2, 6-7)

3. Difficulty, suffering, and unexpected situations are the context in which the Holy Spirit powerfully works in us to bring forth something of greater worth than the gold we have been so diligently saving and protecting…genuine faith!

3. If my local inheritance is somehow scattered like dust (read that COVID) I have the assurance that a heavenly inheritance is just around the corner, and this inheritance will never perish, spoil, or fade.

4. In all of this, the seasons of grief and suffering have a voice… purposed to reveal the genuineness of our faith, and to proclaim the praise, honor, and Glory of Jesus.

I encourage you to daily remind yourself of the goodness and mercy of God for He has truly birthed us into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus!

“There is no greater discovery then seeing God as the author of your destiny”
Ravi Zacharias

Rusty Van Deusen
Fidalgo Chaplaincy

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