A Christmas Letter

This year has been a very strange year, a year unlike any other, not only for Leizel and I, but for our friends and family, as well as our country and the world at large. Some in our church and around us have wondered what God is doing, what is He trying to teach us.

In April, the leader of our small group, a very close personal friend, best man at our wedding, passed away from pancreatic cancer. Bob Hyde was a wonderful man of great faith and wisdom. He was heavily involved in CTK and our community. Bob never stopped praising God, even amidst the cancer ravaging his body. He never stopped praising God for His love and His mercies. Because of Covid, we never had the chance to celebrate his life.

In September, as some know our life had a drastic event happen. Leizel lost her best friend, her mom. She died unexpectedly of heart issues. This was an incredible loss for Leizel.  Leizel's mom Celia was a remarkable lady. She was a model of Christ's love in really simple earthly ways, and I will never forget her acts of kindness. Leizel returned home to the Philippines with help from our wonderful family, our church family, and our fantastic small group. This continues to be a blessing through this most difficult time for Leizel. Once again, because of Covid, we did not have the opportunity to celebrate a life well lived.

Now we are approaching Christmas. This is when it dawned on me that maybe this year is meant to show us that we need to always learn to celebrate, and remember. On Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but let us never forget that the reason for His birth was ultimately to be the sacrificial lamb for our sin. His birth leads us to the cross where we remember the horrible death He died at Calvary. God would ask us as Christians to celebrate His birth but never forget the life He led  and the price He paid for our salvation. He loves us so much. Maybe that is what 2020 is trying to teach some of us. Celebrate and Remember.

In Christ's Love,

Darryl and Leizel Shepherd.
PS.... May we always remember to be entirely His.

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Maxine Lang - December 9th, 2020 at 6:22pm

As we celebrate the Birth of our Savior we can also hold in our hearts prayers of praise and thanksgiving for those loved ones and friends who have passed. This is a time for rejoicing in the Birth of the one sent to save us all and thanking God for the time we had with those who have gone before us.....memories are so precious.