Living with Uncertainty

As one we can say we are tired of COVID 19 and all the circumstances that surround it.  Most of all, we are all just so tired of uncertainty.  Personally, I like to have a plan for life's ride, the direction, how fast, and when.  I like to know where things are leading, and currently none of us do.  For me there is a lot of "I" misplaced there.  God has always been in control, and He always will be.  
God has a plan, and He wants what is good for me. "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11  While Coronavirus has taken a lot away, and continues to do so, God is in control and has good in mind for us … but the ride may not necessarily be what we expect,  we may even have to shift.  God's promise is good, but how do we put that into our day?  Silver Lining.
With every uncertainty and every canceled or rescheduled event, we have the opportunity to make a choice, to look for the silver lining to find the hope and the promised good future.  For me that produces mixed results.  Sometimes it is easy to find, sometimes not at all and brings with it frustration and other emotions, but, God is in control.
So what is on my silver lining list of good and hopeful things?  Likely it contains some of the same things that are on your list.  In my case, more choice over how time is spent appears to come up in several ways: a slower pace with my family that has given me more time to really know them, opportunity to choose deep over efficient conversations, time to extend into God's Word, time to think, time to miss fellowship and all that it gives me, time to savor what fellowship I do have, and time to care for myself.
Let's look for the silver lining.  While a lot has been taken away from us and it is devastating and tiring, it stinks, and, well, enough already with this pandemic!  Let's desperately hang onto the search for a silver lining and the promise that God has a good future for us and will lead us home, like He eventually did the Israelites in Jeremiah.  In fact, let's return to His truth, and hang onto it with white knuckles.  God is in control in uncertainty.

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