Introducing Jennie Kind
by CTK Anacortes on December 30th, 2020
Hi, it’s me, Jennie Kind. I was thinking of sending an email of introduction to the parents at CTK, but then I thought, hey, why not share with everyone. It is one thing to say that I have a heart for kids and God’s word, which I do! But it is another thing to give you some of the foundational beliefs behind that passion.First things first, I believe that children are precious and have value. I be...  Read More
by CTK Anacortes on December 16th, 2020
John 1:1-51 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.UnprecedentedThis word came to mind as I reflected ...  Read More
A Christmas Letter
by CTK Anacortes on December 9th, 2020
This year has been a very strange year, a year unlike any other, not only for Leizel and I, but for our friends and family, as well as our country and the world at large. Some in our church and around us have wondered what God is doing, what is He trying to teach us.  Read More
1st week of Advent
by CTK Anacortes on December 2nd, 2020
I hope this finds you well. I wanted to pass along a reflection as we all enter into this first week of Advent. “He was a valiant soldier but he had leprosy” -2 Kings 5:1 In the account of Naaman the leper, we encounter a mighty man. He is smart and useful yet fatally incomplete. His affliction of leprosy is a mark that leads to death of one kind or the other. In our message last Sunday I hinted at Naaman’s condition being an allegory for our human condition. God made us and He made us good yet we have this condition of sin. We’re born into it.  Read More
by CTK Anacortes on November 18th, 2020
2020 – We all have experienced a lot this year. Our first ever pandemic (for most anyway), working from home, isolation, homeschooling (when not planned), job insecurity, food insecurity, the death of a loved one, major moves, a contentious election, holiday gathering restrictions…Some have experienced the other end of the spectrum as well  Read More
Veteran’s Day
by CTK Anacortes on November 11th, 2020
During the years we lived in England,  we celebrated Remembrance Day. On the Sunday nearest to November 11 (Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I) we pinned red paper poppies on our coats and went to the village war memorial for a solemn ceremony of remembrance with prayers, hymns, and wreath laying. There was a shocking number of names on the war memorial for a community the size of...  Read More
God doesn't change
by CTK Anacortes on November 4th, 2020
I am working my way through a great book by Jen Wilkin called None Like Him: 10 Ways God is Different Than Us (And Why That’s a Good Thing).  One of the ways God is different than us is that he is immutable. He doesn’t change.  To illustrate her point, the author describes a mountain peak in New Mexico and how every morning she looks at that mountain peak. While seasons may alter the mountain face...  Read More
Keep Your Eye on the Ball!
by CTK Anacortes on October 28th, 2020
Ok I admit it; I love sports! I know this is somewhat odd for a woman of my age to openly admit, but I do. Since I was a young girl I have enjoyed just about every sport there is (except Curling, it looks way too much like housework for me. Sorry to my Canadian friends). As a tennis coach at Anacortes High School I am always saying the same thing over and over again to my players; KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL!   Read More
Forced to Slow Down
by CTK Anacortes on October 21st, 2020
If this season of COVID-19 has done nothing more for us than to teach us to slow down, it has been good. Our lives of busyness were forced to slow down. The first month was tough. Something we have never experienced. The following seven months have slowed us all down to where I feel God wants us. I believe that this time has given us more avenues to “seek His face”. Prayer time has become more alive.  Read More
Be Entirely His
by CTK Anacortes on October 14th, 2020
"There are three images in my mind which I must continually forsake and replace by better ones: the false image of God, the false image of my neighbours, and the false image of myself.”-C. S. Lewis I’ve been thinking about this for the last few days, this idea of constantly surrendering up what we think we know about God, others, and ourselves, and be open to more, because there is always more.  Read More
Peace and Growth
by CTK Anacortes on October 7th, 2020
In this time of turmoil it would be strange to say that God has brought me peace, but the truth is never easy. Peace, whether it be in the innocent hours of the morning, before the sun has even had the chance to peek over the horizon, or in a clearing of trees where the light casts gently through the leaves. Peace, wherever it finds you. In the comfort of your own home, or out in the wonderful wor...  Read More
by CTK Anacortes on September 30th, 2020
This last season has been hard with new normals, new rules and regulations. We walk out the door taking a mask, gloves, sanitizer, and often, anxiety. We are isolated from friends, family, church, and our elders in retirement communities who are physically and mentally dying without us. We work up the courage to venture out, but it seems so hard and heavy, like our shoes are stuck in the mud.In th...  Read More